All our valuable clients provide us with personal and professional information that G-Town uses to promote the clients professionally. The data contains details like name, email address, professional achievements, and job/business profile. At G-Town, all your information is secure as it is not shared with any third party.



In our standard process, G-Town requests permission to share this information on public platforms and our premium publication. As we understand and respect each client's comfort with sharing their data, all details are only shared when our clients accept the permission to do so and no information is shared without the permission. As G-Town uses the data for digital and media promotions, the information is only shared on media, social, and news platforms as a source of declaration of awarding the individual.



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We absolutely love reviews and so do our clients. If you wish to write a review, please select whether your personal data or your name may be made visible to other visitors and if we may contact you with regards to your review. We keep track of who writes which review. Your reviews help us become better.